Products Feature:

1. Battery temperature sensor (BTS) automatically provides

temperature compensation

2. Automatic battery voltage detection

3. Support wide range of lead-acid batteries including wet,

AGM and gel batteries

4. Integrated intelligent slot compatible with SNMP/MODBUS communication

Data Sheet

Maximum Solar input Voltage145V
Nominal System Voltage12,24,48VDC(Auto detection)
Maximum Battery Current45A
DC Array MPPT Volage Range12VDC/24VDC/48VDC
PV Array MPPT Volage Range15-115VDC/30-115VDC-60-115VDC
Maxinmum input Power12Volt-625Watts
Charging Algorithm3-Step
Charging stagesBulk,Absorption,Float Bulk,Absorption,Float
Temperature compensation coefficient-5mV/℃/cell(25℃ref.) -5mV/℃/cell(25℃ref.)
Temperature compensation range0℃ to +50℃ 0℃ to +50℃
Temperature compensated set pointsAbsorption,Float Absorption,Float
Charging Set pointsAbsorption Stage Absorption Stage Float Stage
Flooded Battery14.6V/29.2V/58.4V 14.6V/29.2V/58.4V 13.5V/27V/54V
ARG/Gel Battery(Default)14.1V/28.2V/56.4V 14.1V/28.2V/56.4V 13.5V/27V/54V
Overcharge voltage15V/30V/60V 15V/30V/60V
Overcharge restart voltage14.5V/29V/58V 14.5V/29V/58V
Battery discharge voltage8.5V/17V/34V 8.5V/17V/34V
Battery overdischarge voltage9V/18V/36V 9V/18V/36V
Product size(H*W*D,mm)283*160*105 mm
Product weight(Kg)4.0kg
Ambient Temperature Range0℃ to +55℃
Storage Temperature-40℃ to 75℃
Humidity0%-90%RH(No condensing)

Product overview

High Quality MPPT Charge Controller With LCD Screen

1. LCD display
2. Power On/Charging indicator
3. Fault and warning indicator
4. Wiring fault indicator
5. Operation button
6. PV Positive +
7. PV Negative –
8. Battery Negative –
9. Battery Positive +
10. Battery voltage sense terminal
11. Remote temperature sensor terminal

 12. Communication Port

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