A robust solar powered irrigation pump for farms of up to two acres. Easily irrigate using low pressure spray, hoses and drip distribution. The pump has three main components, the PV solar modules, a DC motor coupled to a flywheel and a positive displacement reciprocating piston type pump.

Features include:

  • High efficiency pump that is tolerant to water containing suspended solids and also capable of running dry without damage.
  • Supplied with comprehensive spare parts kit and tools.
  • System include remote performance monitoring data logger that indicates pump performance and tracked location.
  • Horizontal discharge up to 500m.
  • Manufacturer supported ten year operating warranty

SF2 pump specification:

  • Supplied with 2x60W (120W) solar panel. Panels include USB port for charging small electronic devices
  • Fitted with a 60VDC motor with in-built controller
  • Two pulley sizes for motor drive for low and high head applications
  • Supplied complete with 6mx11¼” inlet/suction hose with couplers and strainer

A special feature of Futurepumps is their simplicity of design and operation being simple to set up and maintain by the user. They are also flexible in operation and efficient and are the ideal solution for all small scale farmer irrigation applications.

Performance curves are given at standard test conditions of 1000W/m² solar irradiance and 25°C temperature. Output will vary throughout the year depending upon prevailing irradiation levels. For estimated daily outputs at continuous pumping multiply the indicated output at the duty point by the daily irradiation given in the graph. For indicative purposes, factors of 1.1 can be applied for hot arid areas and 0.9 for temperate high altitude areas in the tropics.

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